About Thermofuse

Thermofuse Pipelines Ltd provide a cost effective, efficient and competitive engineering plastics services. Our trained operators install corrosion resistant plastic pipe for Gas, Water, Sprinkler, Fire Hydrant and other PE mains applications on sites throughout the UK and abroad. Our other services include on site repair, plastic welding, pressure testing, leak detection and maintenance of new and existing pipeline systems.

Our expertise go beyond installation, we also supply PE pipe products either from stock or bespoke parts, which are fully customised in our workshop to meet your pipe and fitting requirements. We always deliver quality end products within the required budget and timescales.

We have been involved in projects for private sector, commercial, retail and industrial developments throughout the United Kingdom, additional areas of work include:

  • Fabrication of bespoke plastic pipes and fittings
  • Sale and delivery of plastic pipes and fittings to anywhere in the UK
  • Plastic Pipe Welding (Butt Fusion and Electro fusion methods)
  • Geothermal/Ground Heat Source Solution and Installations
  • Supply and Installation of Pre insulated pipe work systems
  • Undertaking of chlorination, purging and live tapings

Whatever your project requirements we endeavour to find the best solution for you.

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